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Drink Your Water!

We've all heard it! Drink your water! But seriously, why aren't we drinking the recommended daily water intake?

Drinking water isn't just a saying. It really has so many benefits beyond your typical preventative measure of being dehydrated. Especially during the winter months when it is already cold, drinking a cold glass of water isn't really on the agenda. But what if I told you that depriving yourself from this life source can cause your bodily organs not to function correctly?

Water intake is so important for many reasons like healthy skin, supports proper organ function from your liver to your kidneys to your digestive system, delivers oxygen throughout the whole body, regulates body temperature, increases sports performance and curbs hunger!

Furthermore, when you drink an adequate amount of water whether while training or just to drink the days requirement of 3.0L (men) or 2.2L (women) you can actually improve your liver function. When the liver is able to filter properly, it can then use more fat for used energy! Wouldn't that be nice? Have your body burn more fat just by drinking water! And when our kidneys are properly functioning they filter toxins out of our blood stream and excrete them through urine. Less toxins equals healthier bodies inside and out!

Dehydration can affect our bodies beyond having a parched mouth! When we are dehydrated it decreases our blood volume leading to an increased heart rate, which leads to increased blood pressure! Our blood is 90% water! It has a chain reaction within our bodies when we deprive our organs, such as sodium retention which then can cause your ankles, feet, or hands to swell! Or even poor digestion as our bowels need water to properly function with the break down of our food and the absorption of necessary micro-nutrients! Plus when you're dehydrated your stomach relays to the mind that it is thirsty but your mind only recognizes hunger and not thirst thus we consume more calories when we are only thirsty! DRINK THAT WATER!

Our bodies benefit from drinking water in more ways than one! And if we consume an appropriate amount of H2O we can prevent our bodies from slowing down the proper organ function and allowing our bodies and minds to respond in a healthy way! We have many tools nowadays to help us keep track of our water consumption! So next time you're feeling sluggish, drink some water, or when you're thinking your hungry but just ate, drink some water! Your body will thank you!

So, have you had enough water today?

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